See your DNA and make your own DNA necklace with this easy science experiment for kids. Buy Genes in a Bottle.

Genes in a Bottle Kit

DNA Necklace Activity - $29.95

  • Perfect activity for National DNA Day on April 25th
  • Educational toy perfect for ages 8+
  • Unique gift for birthdays, sleepovers, graduations, special occasions, holidays and more!
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use science activity kit allows you to make your invisible DNA visible in a matter of minutes
  • Isolate your own DNA from your cheek cells
  • Lets kids see their own DNA with this real-life science experiment they can do at home!

Product Features:

  • Supplies for two people to isolate and make a DNA keepsake
  • 7 activities and educational instructions
  • 2 DNA helix keepsakes (necklaces) and I Love Your DNA Tattoos
  • Fun, hands-on way to learn about DNA, genetics, and heredity

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