New Lab and New Grant Program

Learn more about our New Lab and New Grant Program.

Secure your success on time and within budget.

Set up your lab efficiently with the New Lab and New Grant Program. Bio-Rad offers laboratory reagents and instrumentation for a wide range of applications, including PCR, western blotting, cell biology, and protein purification. Whether you are starting a new lab or scaling up, we can provide a customized package that fits your needs.

Participate in the program and gain:

  • Efficiency — Maximize your time by working with a single-source supplier.
  • Discounts — Extend your budget with exclusive deals.
  • Support — Simplify your lab setup and utilize our industry expertise.

There is a lot to consider when planning a new lab or project. Download the interactive guide below to find the products that fit your needs. Click "Get started today!" to create your shopping list and have a Bio-Rad representative contact you.

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