Trade-Up Program


Save on new lab equipment when you trade up outdated instruments from Bio‑Rad or another technology provider.

New instrument options from Bio-Rad


Droplet Digital PCR  |  QX ONE and QX200

PCR Amplification  |  C1000 Touch

Real-Time PCR  |   CFX Opus

Single-Cell Sequencing for NGS  |  ddSEQ


Chromatography  |  NGC Chromatography

Gel Imaging  |  GelDoc Go

Multiplex Immunoassays  |  Bio‑Plex 200 and Bio‑Plex 3D

Western Blot Imaging  |  ChemiDoc and ChemiDoc MP

Western Blot Transfer  |  Trans‑Blot Turbo

Flow Cytometry

Cell Analysis  |  ZE5

Cell Sorting  |  S3e

Cell Culture

Cell Counting  |  TC20

Cell Imaging  |  ZOE

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This program is available in the U.S. only.