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Navigate the mouse chemokine network 31 analytes at a time

The Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel enables you to detect and quantify biologically relevant cytokines and chemokines from mouse samples and requires small input volumes, conserving precious sample. Whether you are studying oncology, immunology, autoimmunity, neurology, or infectious diseases or are engaging in biomarker discovery, this new panel provides a robust, efficient tool with which to screen even low-level analytes in a high-throughput multiplex assay.

Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel Target Detectability

Target detectability data from 858 samples from 11 independent customer sites, utilizing five unique sample types: serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, lysates, and bronchoalveolar lavage. Target detectability was calculated based on the percentage of times each analyte was detected within the assay range.

Gain confidence in your results with a screening assay that delivers:

  • Increased sensitivity, leading to accurate results
  • High signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in more samples within range
  • Pre-mixed, ready-to-use reagents, minimizing hands-on time
  • Broad panel coverage, for screening a large number of analytes at once

EXPLORE our mouse chemokine panel

Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel

31 Chemokines
10 µl of Sample
1 Well
2,418 Data Points in Less than 5 Hours

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