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QX ONE System Interactive Tour

Meet the future of digital PCR — the QX ONE Droplet Digital PCR System. This fully integrated system is loaded with features that bring continuous operation and high throughput to digital PCR and enable the advanced multiplexing you have been asking for with superior precision and sensitivity.

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QX ONE Instrument Product Shot

Fully Automated Digital PCR

Droplet generation, thermal cycling, and droplet reading occur in a single instrument:

Droplet Generation

  • Generates droplets for 16 wells all at once
  • Seals the plate for thermal cycling

Thermal Cycling

  • Customizes thermal cycling protocols for each plate
  • Offers a temperature gradient option

Droplet Reading

  • 4-color detection
  • Advanced optics, fluidics, and motion control
  • Displays data for each well during a run

Touch Screen

Onboard high-resolution 24-inch touch screen allows easy programming, run monitoring, and full analysis of data.

Onboard Reagents

Room for two bottles each of RFID-barcoded, hot-swappable Droplet Reader Oil, and Droplet Generation Oil for Probes.

Multi-Plate Walk-Away Operation

Internal plate hotel holds multiple plates and provides an option for continuous operation.

RFID Scanner

Onboard RFID scanner and RFID-barcoded consumables allow fast and easy setup and ensure traceability.

Completed Plates Hotel

Stores used plates in an isolated plate chamber. Plates can be removed during operation.

Onboard Waste Management

Holds two closed waste bottles for continuous operation without contamination risk.


The Workflow

The QX ONE System streamlines the familiar ddPCR workflow by combining droplet generation, thermal cycling, and droplet reading into a single, fully automated process. Once you have selected your protocol, all you need to do is scan and load your plates and walk away.





Features and Benefits

High Throughput

  • Automated, walk-away operation
  • Fully integrated consumables and instrument — performs droplet generation, thermal cycling, and reading in a single plate and instrument
  • Multi-plate capacity and continuous operation with random access
  • Onboard consumable monitoring and hot-swap capability

Advanced Multiplexing

  • 4-color detection and analysis
  • New multiplexing supermix
  • Software support for amplitude multiplexing, probe-mixing, and drop-off assay strategies

Seamless Integration

  • Compatible with existing supermixes, assays, and kits
  • Probe chemistry
  • 21 CFR Part 11–compatible software

Easy to Use

  • Simple, intuitive setup with onboard touch screen
  • Run status and live data preview
  • RFID-barcoded consumables
  • Confidence in your system’s precision with IQ/OQ/PQ
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