Methods to Monitor Antibody Immune Responses Against Biotherapeutic Drugs

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How Anti‐Idiotypic Antibodies Can Aid the Generation of Antibody Drugs

The development of robust assays for the assessment of biotherapeutic immunogenicity and drug availability depends on highly reliable detection reagents. Recombinant anti‐idiotypic antibodies can provide a robust and dependable way to monitor your antibody drug candidate through pharmacokinetic (PK) and anti‐drug antibody (ADA) assays.

Read this article to learn:

  • Why anti‐idiotypic antibodies are recognized as optimal detection reagents for use in PK and ADA assays
  • What the different binding types and properties of anti‐idiotypic antibodies are
  • How recombinant antibody technology can provide you with a secure long term supply of fully‐human antibodies

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