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Unity solution:

QC data management -
a strategy for smarter QC

Ensure no bad result reaches your lab. With our expert QC data management solution.

Working proactively to identify trends and make corrections helps to ensure that your results are not compromised. Unity Real Time is designed to help your lab achieve quality control efficiently while reducing costly consequences of test system failure.

Create advanced charts and reports for data analysis

QC data management program providing statistical review, analysis and documentation across all controls used in your laboratory

  • Saves time and labor required for reviewing data and resolving issues
  • Monitors tests with rule violations or missing data based upon your preferred settings
  • Create your own peer groups if you manage multiple laboratory sites or multiples of the same instrument

Improve your real-time bench and supervisor QC data review

  • Networkable QC program to cover every area in your lab
  • Receive alert notifications to assure lab quality
  • Improve laboratory test quality with optimally selected QC rules

Facilitate your accreditation with local regulations and ISO 15189

  • Analyze all quality control data to assist the laboratory staff in completing their QC tasks per lab policy and regulations
  • Helps determine if trends or shifts are clinically relevant compared to biological variation, CLIA, RCPA, RiliBÄK or other user-selected quality specifications

Run validation with comprehensive audit trials

  • Allow for external peer group analysis and regulatory compliance
  • Highlights potential issues in monthly performance summaries
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Feel confident in the reliability of your results

Unity and its associated software Unity Interlab present your data in a way that allows you to spot the trends and issues before they become a problem.
Rely on our expertise in quality control

Bio-Rad has been working for over 60 years to be able to provide you with the right solution for your lab and your needs.
Gain peace of mind with dedicated support from our trained support teams

We are committed to share our knowledge and help you take your lab to the next level with:

  • Live support online and in person here
  • Tutorial videos on our dedicated Youtube channel
  • QCNet for QC tools and resources as well as innovative training

Interlaboratory Program: Evaluate Your Analytical Performance

Join over 29,000 of your peers contributing data from over 50,000 instruments in the most robust program for clinical labs

Participation in an interlaboratory program is extremely important for laboratories to help ensure the reliability and precision of test systems. No program in the world is more powerful and effective at providing information that helps improve laboratory analytical performance than the Unity Interlaboratory Program.

  • Receive monthly reports with regular data submission deadlines
  • Receive on-demand interlaboratory comparison reports
  • Recognize analytical process improvement opportunities
  • Increase confidence in proficiency survey outcomes
  • Identify unrecognized trends or shifts that may occur between proficiency surveys

A comprehensive overview of your monthly and cumulative QC performance compared to peer and method consensus groups

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