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When it comes to food, water, and veterinary diagnostics, we know that you settle for nothing but the highest quality. With our world-class expertise in microbiology and state-of-the-art products, we provide you with the very best, which you've come to expect from Bio-Rad. Explore what we have to offer and see how Bio-Rad is committed to keeping your customers safe.

Why Bio-Rad?

At Bio-Rad, providing products for food, beverage, industrial water, and veterinary safety diagnostics is a relationship that we’ve built with our customers over 60 years. It’s about trust built over time. Confidence built through quality. Partnerships built with support.

Food Safety

Bio-Rad's PCR kits, iQ-Check® Prep Automation System, standard and chromogenic media, and immune sera help laboratories improve food safety and risk management. They are designed to minimize the time to results, reduce the global cost of microbiological and molecular food testing methods, and ensure reproducible and accurate results.

Food Safety and Quality Reference Guide

This reference guide presents standard reference protocols and highlights our validated alternative methods.

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Water Testing

Bio-Rad develops and provides innovative and rapid methods for water analysis to help improve the management of public health with reliable, ultrafast, and easy-to-use methods for laboratories.

Webinar: Environment and Water Testing Management

Watch our recorded webinar, including a presentation by Dr. Claressa Lucas from the CDC, on Legionella testing management.


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Wine Quality

Bio-Rad's enological diagnostics include rapid wine quality testing methods with fast and sensitive PCR tests to monitor wine for spoilage yeasts such as Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Zygosaccharomyces bailii.

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Veterinary Diagnostics

As a worldwide supplier of TSE diagnostic kits, Bio-Rad provides assays that have been used to screen millions of cattle for BSE, deer and elk for chronic wasting disease, and sheep and goat for scrapie. We have also developed a complete range of products for zoonosis and other veterinary diagnostic applications to suit all laboratory requirements, including reagent kits, equipment, and software.

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