Workflow Comparison of Two Gel Analyzers in a Large Transfusion Service

J Peter Pelletier, MD1, Barbara J Bachman, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB, MBB(DA)2, Mike Leamy, MT(ASCP), NCA2, Susan Olson, MBA, MT(ASCP)2 and Candace Williams, MT(ASCP)SBB2

1) Univesity of Florida College of Medicine

Vendor-assisted workflow studies are becoming more popular as a means to evaluate if immunohematology analyzer capabilities are a match for a specific facility’s needs. The purpose of this study was to evaluate quality, speed and cost workflow properties for the ProVue® (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics) and the IH‑1000™ (Bio‑Rad Laboratories, Inc.) in a large volume transfusion service using Lean Six Sigma process flow and roadmap.