Webinar Series
A New Mixed-Mode Media for Biomolecule Purification

The purification of biomolecules is becoming more difficult as their structures get more complicated. New technologies to isolate these molecules are necessary to obtain the required recovery and purity. CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT is a calcium affinity cation exchange chromatography media that has been engineered to provide single-step clearance of impurities and aggregates for monoclonal antibody purification. It can also be used in applications to purify enzymes, separate DNA, and isolate and purify viruses and VLPs. Unlike traditional chromatography resins, CHT XT is both the ligand and the matrix. In this webinar, Drs. Yoshikawa and Snyder will discuss these application uses and provide selection guidelines to start your purification.

Daniel Yoshikawa

Daniel Yoshikawa, PhD,
Global Product Manager, Process Chromatography

Dr. Daniel Yoshikawa is Global Product Manager with the Process Chromatography Group. He's responsible for bringing Bio-Rad's mixed-mode resins to market.

Mark Snyder

Mark A. Snyder, PhD,
Applications Manager, Process Chromatography

Dr. Mark A. Snyder is the R&D Applications Manager for Process Chromatography. He has been responsible for many developed purification processes and is experienced in process troubleshooting, optimization, and validation.