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High quality blood transfusion matters to patients and donors

Immunohematology excellence is critical for blood transfusion centers to achieve reliable blood transfusion. A reputable and innovative immunohematology partner can help you to accomplish this, by delivering systems that provide high quality results for your patients and donors.

Bio-Rad is an immunohematology partner you can rely on. We pride ourselves on being a leading provider of quality-assured reagents and instruments. With over 30 years of experience, we truly understand the challenges that hospitals and blood banks face when blood typing, and constantly innovate to meet these needs. Our comprehensive range of interconnected systems – supported by advanced software and world-class quality assurance solutions – deliver fast and reliable results, helping you to provide a safe and efficient blood transfusion service.

Through partnerships with today's healthcare professionals and experts we provide a community network with product support, education, and training programs to help you make decisions that impact lives.

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Comprehensive and versatile portfolio for evolving laboratories


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Our commitment to support and security

Maintain the integrity of your instruments and stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats


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Connect to our community of transfusion science and blood banking experts in transfusion medicine, sharing their knowledge and experience

Design and optimize your lab with Bio-Rad’s versatile portfolio

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Whether you’re setting up a new lab or are looking to review your existing lab set-up, finding the ideal lab set-up is never easy. Answer six questions and discover what solutions your lab could benefit from.

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Bio-Rad’s solution integrates your choice of instruments and reagents with connectivity, support, quality control, and cybersecurity.

Our commitment to innovation and quality assurance

Our new IH-500 NEXT system is designed to help you achieve immunohematology excellence. Learn more about the software advancements that demonstrate Bio-Rad's commitment to innovation and quality assurance to continue to provide accurate and consistent results.

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A trusted provider of immunohematology solutions for transfusion

Discover how we deliver solutions in instruments, technical support, and scientific expertise to provide patients with safe, high-quality blood transfusion products and medical services.

"Now that we have Bio-Rad’s instruments, technical support, and scientific expertise on board, we are confident we can deliver on our mission to provide patients across South Africa with safe, high-quality blood transfusion products and medical services."

Marion Vermeulen

Executive Director of Transfusion Medicine, and Technical Services at SANBS – South African National Blood Service.

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Sharing knowledge and experience of immunohematology experts

We understand the challenges you face staying current in transfusion sciences, maintaining an educated workforce, adhering to changes in regulatory and quality guidelines, plus ensuring quality patient results.

We value our immunohematology community and sharing our knowledge by connecting you to other experts around the world. Over the years, we have built a repository of resources and trainings to complement our instruments, reagents, and immunohematology products. Today you can learn from our community of transfusion and blood banking experts through our well-received Transfusion Science Webinars.

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Bio-Rad’s solution, IH-Complete, integrates your choice of our trusted instruments and reagents with connectivity, support, quality and cybersecurity. There’s no room for error when making decisions that will impact lives. Having one partner with unlimited solutions is advantageous.

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