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What More Could you Achieve with Custom Antibodies Designed Just for You

Whether you are trying to characterize a novel protein or design a new assay for a biomarker or unique biological product, the specialized antibodies you need often don’t exist. Our antibody experts can work with you to design the blueprint for the antibodies you need.

Discover more about custom antibody generation using Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL®) technology by watching the video and reading about success stories on this resource page, and request a consultation with one of our technical specialists to find out how we can meet your needs.

Discover the Technology Behind Bio-Rad’s Custom Recombinant Antibodies

Watch our video to see inside Bio-Rad’s custom antibody facility.

Learn from antibody experts how your requirements for specialized custom antibodies can become a reality through the use of HuCAL technology.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

We work on a wide variety of antibody generation projects and each one is unique.

Our customers include large pharmaceutical and small biotech companies, in vitro diagnostic and research assay manufacturers, cosmetic, food and environmental companies, academic and government research institutes.

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