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Bio-Rad has now launched 32 StarBright Dyes including nine violet, eight ultraviolet, six blue, four red, and five yellow dyes, available on the most frequently used and highly cited antibodies:

More StarBright Dyes will be launching soon.

The next dyes to be launched include one more StarBright UltraViolet Dye (SBUV740).

New StarBright Yellow Dyes

Why Are StarBright Dyes Unique?

Improved Brightness

Their brightness allows you to easily resolve rare and low antigen density populations.

Fig. 1. Starbright Dyes are brighter than competitor dyes

Narrow Excitation/Emission

By narrowing the emission spectra and minimizing the excitation spectra, StarBright Dyes exhibit significantly reduced spillover and spreading error.

Fig. 2. Excitation and Emission of SBV515.

Broad Instrument Compatibility

Compatible with Bio‑Rad's ZE5 Cell Analyzer, S3e Cell Sorter, and other vendors' cytometers. Ideal for spectral flow cytometry.

Fig. 3. StarBright Dyes can be used in spectral flow cytometry.

Buffer Compability

No special buffer is required and therefore no amendment to your current experimental procedure is needed. Tested in a range of common staining buffers with no drop in performance, unlike some dyes that give significantly lower percentage of cells and require a special buffer. StarBright Dyes can also be fixed with no reduction in brightness.

Fig. 4. Buffer Compability.

Consistent Staining

Tried and tested experiments; including multiple lots, all conjugated independently and tested along with accelerated shelf life study, showed StarBright Dyes to be reproducible and stable.

Multiplexing Capability

Shown to be compatible with other dyes including those from the StarBright family.

Fig. 5. Starbright Dyes can be multiplexes without special buffers.

What Will Be Available?

Bio‑Rad’s new range of StarBright Dyes have launched with the markers listed below. We will be offering more StarBright Dyes on these frequently used and highly cited targets, but will also expand the number of key antibodies available conjugated to all our StarBright Dyes.

Human Targets

Marker Clone Catalog Number
CD2 LT2 MCA1194
CD4 RPA‑T4 MCA1267
CD8a LT8 MCA1226
CD10 SN5c MCA1556
CD14 TUK4 MCA1568
CD19 LT19 MCA1940
CD20 2H7 MCA1710
CD25 MEM‑181 MCA2127
CD27 LT27 MCA755
CD28 YTH913.12 MCA709
CD31 WM59 MCA1738
CD33 WM53 MCA1271
CD38 AT13/5 MCA1019
CD45 F10‑89‑4 MCA87
CD45RA F8‑11‑13 MCA88
CD62L FMC46 MCA1076
CD69 FN50 MCA2806
CD105 SN6 MCA1557

Mouse Targets

Marker Clone Catalog Number
CD3 KT3 MCA500
CD4 RM4‑5 MCA2691
CD8a KT15 MCA609
CD11b 5C6 MCA711
CD19 6D5 MCA1439
CD25 PC61.5.3 MCA1260
CD45 YW62.3 MCA1031
CD45R RA3‑682 MCA1258
CD117/ckit 2B8 MCA1365
CD161 PK136 MCA1266
F4/80 CI‑A3‑1 MCA497
Ly6‑C ER‑MP20 MCA2389


Marker Clone Catalog Number
Streptavidin N/A STAR210

On-Demand StarBright Dyes Webinars:

Listen to the webinars to discover the benefits of StarBright Dyes and how they could improve your flow cytometry experiments.

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StarBright Dyes – New Brochure

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Overview of the range, its benefits, and includes experimental data using StarBright Dyes and the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

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