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Flow Cytometry Shorts
Webinar Series: Controls

Master Flow Cytometry with These Bite Size Webinars

Flow cytometry can be complicated with many different things to learn. If you are too busy to watch hours of videos especially when you only need a brief reminder of certain topics, we have the solution!

Bio-Rad has launched a new webinar series: Flow Cytometry Shorts. These webinars detail various key aspects of flow cytometry in short digestible sections (less than 10 min), designed to be watched when you have a quick break during experiments.

Our first series focuses on the importance of controls. While they can be a chore, performing the right controls for your experiment can make the difference between great and unusable data.

Immediate access to the recorded webinars

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Bio-Rad offers over 3,000 flow cytometry tested antibodies available across many species with a range of 26 fluorophores as well as supporting reagents like viability dyes, Fc blocks, and staining buffers.

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