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Faster, more reliable IP at a price you can afford

Bio-Rad is excited to introduce the latest advance in immunoprecipitation — the SureBeads™ Magnetic Beads System. High-quality magnetic beads with patented* surface chemistry and an ergonomically designed magnetic rack allow you to experience faster, easier immunoprecipitation and get reproducible results, all at an affordable price. Now is the right time to switch to magnetic bead–based immunoprecipitation.


  • Eliminates repeated centrifugation steps required with conventional beads
  • Magnetizes in only 8–9 seconds


  • 16-tube patented** magnetic rack with strong, removable magnets
  • Process samples without removing vials from rack
  • Sample magnetizes to the side of the tube wall for easier pipetting

More Affordable

  • Save on antibody usage and costs
  • Ensure proper antibody orientation for optimal antigen binding with patented* surface chemistry
  • Consistent lgG binding capacity ensures accurate, reproducible results
  • Priced similarly to the leading agarose beads
  • Start today with our introductory starter kit's 16-tube magnetic rack and two 3 ml vials of beads

A Better Way
to do immunoprecipitation.

Comparison of protein A magnetic SureBeads and protein A agarose beads — SureBeads Beads were washed using the 16-tube magnetic rack while the agarose beads were washed by centrifugation.

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* Patent US20100105879 A1
** Patent pending.

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