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Bio-Rad has been supporting global life science research and clinical diagnostics for more than 60 years with market-leading technologies and customer-centric services. To support the unique needs of every drug discovery and development team we not only provide innovative products, we partner with our customers to create workflows customized to meet their specific needs. Browse selected webinars, application notes, and success stories on this resource page or request a consultation with one of our Pharma specialists to learn more about how we can meet your needs.

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Stages of Drug Discovery & Development

Bio-Rad offers products and services that accelerate the entire drug discovery and development cycle, from target identification through scale-up and manufacturing. Browse our featured resources or request a consultation with one of our Pharma specialists to talk about how Bio-Rad can support your specific needs.

Target Discovery

Whether your targets are proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, or carbohydrates we provide personalizable solutions to assist in the identification, characterization, and validation of your target molecules.

Lead Discovery

Our products and workflows for lead discovery and optimization include cell analysis and gene expression solutions as well as chromatography automation for high-throughput purifications.

Preclinical Research

Our portfolio for preclinical studies includes multiplex immunoassays for multiple targets and applications, including safety and toxicity monitoring, and a large antibody portfolio, with anti-idiotypic and custom ADA generation services, for use across multiple applications.

Clinical Research

We offer a range of solutions for clinical research, including critical raw materials and controls for clinical diagnostics, custom and off-the-shelf antidrug antibodies, autoimmune kits and instruments for in vitro diagnostics, and protein analysis and quantitation tools.

Process Development

Our solutions for design and optimization of production scale-up include automated chromatography systems, real-time PCR systems with high-throughput automation, and a wide range of protein analysis, quantitation, and identification tools with IQ/OQ and CFR-compliant software.

Manufacturing and Testing

Our manufacturing and QC testing solutions range from process-scale chromatography resins to the market-leading digital PCR system and reagents for residual host cell DNA quantification.

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Application Areas

Bio-Rad supports a wide range of drug discovery and development activities. Watch webinars, hear success stories, and download product information and application notes for our current featured application areas.

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Application Notes, Articles, and Other Resources

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Products & Workflows

Our solutions for drug discovery and development include innovative services, reagents, and technologies, such as protein purification and quantitation, cell and nucleic acid analysis, antibody generation, and process separation tools. Watch webinars; download brochures, technical notes, and product information; or hear from your peers in our customer success stories.

Application Notes, Articles, and Other Resources

Webinars, Success Stories, and Tutorials

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