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Bio-Rad offers a broad range of products to meet all your qPCR needs. Our patented* Sso7d fusion enzyme technology enables our supermixes to perform consistently under a variety of conditions — even in the presence of many common PCR inhibitors. When combined with our universal reference dye, the result is a qPCR supermix that performs under a wide variety of conditions on any real-time instrument.

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Superior qPCR Performance

SsoAdvanced Universal SYBR® Green Supermix
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SsoAdvanced™ Universal SYBR® Green Supermix
iTaq™ Universal SYBR® Green One-Step Kit

qPCR Directly From RNA

iTaq Universal SYBR® Green One-Step Kit
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SingleShot™ Cell Lysis RT-qPCR Kits

Skip RNA Purification

SingleShot Cell Lysis RT-qPCR Kits
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What is the Sso7d fusion polymerase?

Our Sso7d fusion polymerase consists of a proprietary polymerase coupled to a double-stranded DNA binding protein that stabilizes the polymerase-template complex for increased processivity. By keeping the polymerase bound to the template, these supermixes retain their high sensitivity and efficiency even in the presence of PCR inhibitors or during amplification of challenging templates.

What makes a supermix universal?

Our SsoAdvanced and iTaq lines of universal supermixes contain a proprietary reference dye formulation that allows them to produce properly normalized fluorescence data on any real-time PCR instrument (ROX-dependent and -independent).

* U.S. patents 6,627,424; 7,541,170; and 7,560,260.

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