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Precision Plus Protein Standards incorporate recombinant proteins that offer unsurpassed band sharpness, exceptional molecular weight accuracy, and superior lot-to-lot consistency for gel electrophoresis and western blotting. These standards contain natural fluorescence properties suitable for singleplex and multiplex fluorescent western blotting.

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Stain-free imaging

Eliminate gel and blot staining with stain-free technology

Stain-free imaging technology utilizes a proprietary polyacrylamide gel chemistry to make proteins fluoresce directly in the gel or on your blot. Use TGX Stain-Free Gels along with a stain-free enabled imager like the
ChemiDoc MP to:

  • Visualize proteins instantly at any point during electrophoresis and blotting
  • Troubleshoot and make go/no-go decisions prior to immunodetection
  • Use total protein normalization for more accurate quantitative western blotting
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Fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and stain-free imaging on the ChemiDoc MP Imaging System

High-end imaging system for the best fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection

  • Sensitive detection of RGB and FR/NIR secondary antibodies with low fluorescence background
  • Chemiluminescence sensitivity matching X-ray film
  • Easy-to-use software, perfect for multi-group use
  • Multiplex fluorescence detection
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