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Virus Purification Strategies and Considerations

Chelsea Pratt, PhD, Applications & Collaborations Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories

On the Quest to Purify a Large Complex Virus

The number of gene therapy–based treatments has grown significantly since they first appeared several decades ago. There is an optimism about the potential to develop cures for diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The ability to use viruses as vehicles for delivering genes to target cells is one of the biggest contributors to gene therapy. Adenovirus (Ad) and adeno-associated virus (AAV) have become the vehicles of choice, and AD and AAV studies account for over 25% of all ongoing gene therapy trials. The challenge, however, is producing sufficient quantities for therapeutic use of pure clinical-grade virus, which is required to ensure biosafety. One of the main barriers to achieving high purity levels is the size and complexity of adenovirus, which makes traditional virus purification methods inefficient. In addition, the virus has thousands of charge variants, making it difficult to establish well-defined binding and elution conditions. Therefore purification protocols and strategies used for small- and mid-sized viruses fall short when it comes to adenoviruses. Alternative strategies are needed for achieving efficient adenoviral purification. This webinar will provide a snapshot of the resins considered, and the reasons for their selection, in order to achieve the required yield and purity.

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