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Chromatography Resins for Process Separations

Bio-Rad manufactures a wide range of chromatography resins for process separations, providing process developers with great flexibility and high productivity. Our leading chromatography resins for biomolecule purifications include best-in-class ion exchange resins and innovative mixed-mode resins.

Nuvia™ Ion Exchange and Metal Affinity Resins provide ultra-high binding capacity and exceptional resolution across a range of pH and flow rates. Ideal for biosimilar and biotherapeutic downstream processes. Learn more ▸

UNOsphere™ Ion Exchange Resins are highly macroporous beads allowing fast linear velocities at low backpressure. Designed for high-efficiency capture of biomolecules from crude feedstreams. Learn more ▸

CHT™ and Nuvia™ cPrime™ Mixed-Mode Resins offer unique separation properties and unparalleled selectivity and resolution for a variety of molecules. They combine ion exchange and metal affinity or hydrophobic interactions to enable the separation of biomolecules that appear homogeneous using other methods. These resins can be used at any stage in a purification process. Learn more ▸

Macro-Prep® Ion Exchange and Hydrophobic Resins provide high mechanical strength and low backpressure for bioprocessing applications. Ideal for large biomolecule purification. Learn more ▸

Specialty beads are highly purified and sized to deliver consistent, reproducible results across industrial applications in a variety of particle sizes and compositions.   Learn more ▸

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