In‑Cell Western Made Easy with Image Lab Software templates and protocol

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In‑Cell Western and Bulletin

How to use ChemiDoc MP and Image Lab Software for your In‑Cell Western

In‑Cell Western is a high throughput quantitative and qualitative immunofluorescence assay that allows researchers to measure relative protein levels in numerous samples without the need for lysing cells.

Image Lab software simplifies In‑Cell Western analysis by taking advantage of its harmonious pairing with the ChemiDoc MP imager, making it a powerful yet easy-to-use package for acquisition and analysis of your In‑Cell Western plate.​

Watch this video to learn how to use our premade templates to analyze your In‑Cell Western data.


Download the templates and protocol to perform In‑Cell Western using the ChemiDoc MP and Image Lab software.

The following is included in the download:

  • In‑Cell Western protocol​
  • 6-well plate template​
  • 12-well plate template
  • 24-well plate template
  • 48-well plate template​
  • 96-well plate template​

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Please click on the links below to download the In-Cell Western protocol and templates:

To learn more about In‑Cell Western, visit this page.