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Foresight Pro Columns

Foresight Pro Columns are prepacked good manufacturing practice (GMP) ready columns specifically designed to be used for all biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications. The columns have a sanitary design with minimal dead space and effective cleanability. These prepacked columns offer more cost‐effective solutions than self‐packed designs. A broad range of column diameters and bed heights are available.

Features include

  • Excellent performance ‐ data include asymmetry, HETP, endotoxin, and bioburden
  • Robust column design ensures quality packing
  • Columns maintain performance criteria post shipping and post cycling
  • Validated through ISTA 2A transportation testing
  • All wetted parts meet USP Class VI requirements of USP <88>
  • Standard Tri‐Clamp connections ‐ plug and play
  • Columns are packed in a controlled ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Resin reference sample included with each column
  • Regulatory support file available

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