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To stay on the cutting edge of immunotherapy and stem cell research you need a new way to do flow. We have created a comprehensive tool set of innovative technologies and workflows that lets you own the direction of your research. Our high-parameter analytical flow cytometer was designed for power users and novices alike. Our compact cell sorter is perfect for the PI who is ready to bring cell sorting to her lab. Our complete CRISPR gene editing toolbox includes time-tested technologies for transfection, imaging, and cell counting. And we have the antibodies, reagents, and flow cytometry resources you need to get started.

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Multiple parameters, unrivaled speed, and a joy to use.

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer was designed based on real user feedback and developed in collaboration with our innovative partners at Propel Labs. The result is the only flow cytometer on the market that gives you the flexibility to run up to 30-parameter experiments, the convenience of an integrated universal sample loader that accommodates any sample tube or plate format, and the security of Bio-Rad's world-class technical support and service. Seasoned flow users will appreciate a sample delivery system that ensures quick processing and minimal sample loss and allows you to reuse sample for downstream experiments. Users new to flow will find the ZE5 and Everest™ Software easy to learn and use. And all users will fall in love with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer's fast electronics and short laser transit time that enable run speeds of up to 100,000 events per second with no loss in data, perfect for analyzing rare cell events.

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Cell Sorting

Focus on Discovery, Not Cell Sorting, with the S3e Cell Sorter

Until recently, cell sorting was a complex technique that required specialized facilities and expert technicians. We changed that with the S3e Cell Sorter. We automated key steps of the sorting process and added features usually found only in large cell sorters to create a streamlined, simple workflow that lets you sort cells your way, on your own time, and in your own lab.

Designed for Rare Cells and Precious Samples

Sorting rare cells and precious samples requires powerful cell sorters that are usually only found in a core lab. Not having such a cell sorter in your lab puts your precious samples at risk and slows time to results. Find out how easy it is to isolate rare cell populations from your precious samples right in your lab with the S3e Cell Sorter.

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Enhance the power of digital PCR with the S3e Cell Sorter

Pair the S3e with Bio-Rad's Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) technology to enable precise and highly sensitive quantification of nucleic acids in targeted cell subpopulations.

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With its unique feature set and technical ease of use, the automated S3e Cell Sorter allows you to perform 1–4 color sorts in less than 30 minutes and greatly enhances your experimental success. The S3e utilizes stream-in-air fluid dynamics for a gentler high-speed sort while automated setup and email or text message notifications let the user truly multitask during a sort. To learn more about how an S3e Sorter in your own lab can transform your research, explore our selection of technical information below.

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CRISPR Toolbox

Increase gene editing success with cutting-edge tools

Our CRISPR toolbox allows you to increase gene editing success and be confident in your results. We provide a complete workflow that allows you to confirm success at every step of CRISPR gene editing, from transfection and electroporation to edit confirmation, enrichment, and downstream cell and DNA analysis.

Virtual Reality Adventures in CRISPR Gene Editing

Experience this video in full virtual reality.

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Start Flow

The one-stop information hub for flow cytometry antibodies, reagents, and education.

Proper sample preparation along with specific antibodies and reagents are key to the success of your flow cytometry experiments. We provide a large selection of invaluable flow cytometry guides, webinars, protocols, and tips to aid in assay design and data analysis, as well as a comprehensive selection of antibodies and reagents to support your research and get you started right away.

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