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When Small Matters — See How the ZE5 Cell Analyzer Can Help

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Yasha Talaga

with Yasha Talaga, MSc, Applications and Collaborations Product Manager

Exosomes are involved in many disease processes. As messengers, exosomes may contain useful biomarkers and have become a key area of interest in research. Due to the small size of exosomes (generally <250 nm), there are limited methods available with which to study them. The development of methodologies and high-throughput systems to distinguish exosomes from various biological fluids is a crucial step in progressing this research.

Utilizing the small particle detection capability (FSC from a 405 nm laser) of the ZE5 Cell Analyzer, we show detection of exosomes directly as well as captured on beads.

Included in the presentation is instrument setup for direct detection using the unique dual triggers on the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

Yasha Talaga

Yasha Talaga, MSc,
Applications and Collaborations Product Manager, Cell Biology at Bio-Rad Laboratories

Yasha earned her MSc in Immunology & Microbiology from Rush University, studying iNKT cells, HIV, and synthetic glycolipids. After ten years as a field application scientist, she moved to helping sales teams better understand scientists. At Bio-Rad, she is using her flow cytometry and protein quantification experience to manage cell biology applications and collaborations