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Visualize Your Proteins
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And Trust Your Western Blot Results Every Step Of The Way.

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Only TGX Stain-Free Gels let you visualize your blot every step of the way.

TGX Stain-Free Precast Gels are a central component of the V3 Western Workflow™. By giving you visual checkpoints earlier in the western blotting process, TGX Stain-Free Gels allow for effective troubleshooting and go/no-go decisions prior to moving on to immunodetection. Which means you can have complete confidence in the quality of your results every step of the way—no more being left in the dark.

Download stain-free western blotting protocol, tech note and publication list to learn how to confidently produce reliable western blotting results.

TGX Stain-Free Gels deliver:

  • Stain-Free Technology: Utilizes a unique in-gel fluorescent stain that enables the direct visualization of proteins in gels in 1 minute followed by visualization and quantitation on blots.
  • High Sensitivity: Comparable sensitivity to Coomassie stain lets you check the quality of your electrophoresis run and protein transfer-to-membrane before proceeding.
  • Faster Run Times: Run your gel in as little as 15 minutes and complete your protein transfer in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Accurate Total Protein Normalization: Use stain-free blot image instead of housekeeping proteins as a loading control. Eliminate the need to strip and re-probe the membrane.
  • Flexibility: Available in 2 Sizes — Mini format Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels and Midi format Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels.
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