Tackling the
Ubiquitous B. cereus

In collaboration with Nestlé Quality Assurance Center Dublin


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Feb 2
Wed 10:00 AM PST/
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Feb 3
Thu 10:00 AM SGT/
01:00 PM AEDT

Session 3*

Feb 3
Thu 10:00 AM CET

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In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Significance of Bacillus cereus in the realm of food pathogen testing
  • Global regulatory landscape of B. cereus testing
  • Vetting and implementing a methodology for B. cereus testing in your lab
  • Bio-Rad RAPID'B.cereus Agar: Introduction, mechanism of action, scope of AFNOR validation, and more
  • Why RAPID'B.cereus is a powerful alternative to MYP
  • An opportunity to interact with Nestlé Quality Assurance Center Dublin, Ohio
Daniel Smieszek

Daniel Smieszek
Operations Supervisor, Biochemistry & Special Investigations, NQAC Dublin, Ohio, USA

Daniel is an analytical expert in microbiology, allergens, GMO, and foreign bodies. He has over 18 years’ experience in various roles for analytical food testing laboratories and obtained PCQI certification. His current role focuses on supervising laboratory operations for the Biochemistry & Special Investigations Laboratory and providing technical support for the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center. He has been with Nestlé for the past 8 years supporting microbiology new method implementation. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University.

Yannick Bichot

Yannick Bichot
International Marketing Manager, Food Science Division, Bio‑Rad Laboratories, Inc., Marnes‑la‑Coquette, France

Yannick joined the Bio-Rad Food Science Division in 2005. He has 20 years' experience in veterinary testing and food microbiology. He is also a member of the AFNOR V08B French Standardization Commission for Food Microbiology Test Methods and of the AFNOR Agri-food Validation Commission as well as a technical reviewer for the NF Validation Technical Board.