Transfusion Science Webinar

Phenotype/Genotype Discrepancies, Their Cause, Importance, and Safe Resolution

Webinar Illustration

with Shane Grimsley (DipRCPath)​
Senior Clinical Scientist, International Blood Group Reference Laboratory, NHSBT

Session 1

Jun 27
Tue 5:00 PM CEST/8:00 AM PDT

Session 2

Jun 30
Fri 9:00 AM CEST/3:00 PM SGT

Hemagglutination methods have been used over a century to determine blood group phenotypes. Serology cannot be used in some situations, leading laboratories to use molecular assays to predict red blood cell (RBC) phenotypes. Sometimes the predicted phenotype does not fit with the patient’s known antibodies or serological phenotype. These phenotype/genotype discrepancies can lead to confusion for laboratory and clinical staff. This can cause anxiety, delays to patient care or even incorrect conclusions and inappropriate clinical advice and patient care.

Shane Grimsley (DipRCPath) will explore some common discrepancies, detailing their causes and how to safely investigate them. This information will provide clues for resolving these issues and ensuring timely and accurate patient care.


Shane Grimsley (DipRCPath)​

Shane Grimsley has been working at the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory, NHSBT in the UK since 2009 and has served as the laboratory manager since 2015 and Senior Clinical Scientist since 2020. Shane has been the lead scientific advisor to the UK NEQAS Red Cell Genotyping scientific advisory group since 2017, compiling complex reports to help educate users.

He also has been involved in the identification of new blood group antigens and novel alleles. Shane leads a team of skilled and passionate scientists dedicated to resolving the world’s most complex immunohematology cases and contributing to ground-breaking projects that have improved the standards of care for patients.