Crystal Clear Insights

A Deep Dive into Ensuring Water Quality

Engage with an expert and learn about new developments in water quality testing

Join Dr. Ricci from the National Institute of Health in Italy for an educational webinar focused on the risk management of Legionella. She will cover current trends and insights into the global regulatory landscape. Bio-Rad will provide an overview of new water testing validations.

In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Global water quality regulations and testing guidelines
  • qPCR integration in a European case study
  • Current landscape and future prospect of Legionella analysis
  • Introduction to Bio‑Rad's complete solution for water testing
  • A novel method for management of free DNA in water samples
  • A user experience with the iQ‑Check Legionella Solution
Maria Luisa Ricci

Maria Luisa Ricci, PhD,
Research Director, National Institute of Health, Italy

Dr. Ricci is a Research Manager at the National Institute of Health, Italy, and Director of the National Reference Laboratory for Legionella. She has been appointed by the Ministry of Health as an expert for the diagnosis, surveillance and control of Legionella in Italy and Legionella expert for the European Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance Network at European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). She is a member of ELDSNET Coordination Committee and chair of the ESCMID Study Group for Legionella Infections (ESGLI) Executive Committee. She has been mainly working on diagnosis, typing and outbreaks investigation. She was principal investigator of a Ministry of Health project for detection of Legionella by molecular methods, and projects at regional level to evaluate disinfection treatments against Legionella. She is co‑author of Italian and European guidelines for Legionella prevention and control and many papers on Legionnaires' disease. She won the 2014 ESGLI prize for the best research proposal on microbiome analysis of drinking water systems.

Virginie Forestier

Virginie Forestier, MSc,
Global Product Manager Bio‑Rad Laboratories

Virginie joined Bio‑Rad in 2009 with 17 years' experience in food microbiology. She holds a Master's Degree in Biotechnologies & Bio Health with a specialization in molecular and cellular biology. She previously worked as Account Manager and Channel Partner Manager, overseeing the French territory abroad and currently holds the position of International Product Manager for water testing and veterinary products.