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We aim to utilize and leverage microwell and droplet partitioning technologies in a rapidly growing world of precision medicine and single‑cell biology, both of which offer enhanced insight into disease, diagnosis, and treatment.

Celselect Slide TechnologyTM

A better way for enrichment and enumeration of circulating tumor cells

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) offer several advantages or are complementary to other biomarkers in liquid biopsies. CTCs can be analyzed in their entirety, revealing key insights about targetable receptors and tumor heterogeneity and mutations. CTC concentration is also a corollary of disease progression and related to a patient’s response to therapy. The potential of CTCs had previously gone untapped because of the lack of technology to efficiently capture and characterize these cells.

The Advantages of Celselect Slide TechnologyTM

  • Capture mechanism: works independently of surface markers and isolates cells regardless of phenotypic transitions, for example, the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT).
  • Multiple applications: perform on‑slide immunohistochemical analysis or return viable cells for any downstream analysis.
  • Sample preparation: process whole blood and other liquid biopsies without manipulation (centrifuging or cell lysis).
  • Customization: the system is antibody panel agnostic, and its open nature permits changing staining and incubation conditions.
Single Cell Illustration

Celsingle Slide TechnologyTM

Analyze Molecular Signatures from Hundreds to Tens of Thousands of Single Cells

CelsingleTM Slides offer researchers the ability to analyze molecular signatures from hundreds to tens of thousands of single cells, for a unique and comprehensive view of life science and clinical research. Utilizing microwell technology, CelsingleTM Slides support multi‑omic applications enabling characterization of both RNA and protein at single‑cell resolution.

Single Cell Workflow Illustration
SureCell ATAC-Seq Library Prep Kit

Other Single‑Cell Solutions at Bio‑Rad

Featuring Bio‑Rad’s Droplet Digital technology, the SureCell ATAC‑Seq Library Prep Kit offers fast, sensitive and scalable profiling of the epigenomic landscape at the single‑cell level. For more, visit:

SureCell ATAC‑Seq Library Prep Kit
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