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Optimizing Microbial Testing with iQ‑Check Prep & Real‑Time PCR

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Michael Esposito

with Michael Esposito,
Lead Microbiologist at MCR Labs

May 26
Wed 10:00 AM PDT/ 1:00 PM EDT

The iQ‑Check Prep solution has been used globally to ensure a safe food supply, so why not a safe cannabis supply? A prudent approach to reducing hands-on sample prep, and user-error, saving time, lowering operational costs, and producing high-quality DNA extracts, the iQ‑Check Prep system in conjunction with AOAC approved iQ‑Check real‑time PCR kits offers an ideal solution to meet the growing needs of cannabis testing laboratories worldwide.

In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Significance of AOAC approved test methods in the cannabis industry
  • CFX96 Touch Deep Well Real-Time PCR System: Microbial testing and beyond
  • iQ-Check Prep: Automation during a global pandemic
  • iQ-Check Prep in action
Michael Esposito

Michael Esposito
Lead Microbiologist at MCR Labs

Mike is the lead microbiologist at MCR Labs with an extensive background in plant, soil and insect biology. Prior to joining the team at MCR, he worked as a cultivator at grow facilities within the Massachusetts legal cannabis industry. Before entering the industry, Mike developed a strong foundation in plant pathology and the usage of molecular techniques like PCR and sanger sequencing through his time in molecular systematics labs working on large invasive species databases for the USDA.