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Map open chromatin and understand the machinery behind gene regulation in exquisite detail at the single-cell level

Bio-Rad’s Single-Cell ATAC-Seq (scATAC-Seq) solution combines industry-leading transposase library preparation and single-cell isolation technologies to enable highly sensitive genome-wide open chromatin sequencing.

What is scATAC-Seq and how does it work?

Dr. Jason Buenrostro, an inventor of ATAC-Seq and Bio-Rad collaborator, discusses this new exciting single-cell application.

Features and benefits

Get flexibility, high sensitivity, and extraordinary throughput:

  • Validated with a wide range of primary cell types and cell lines
  • Includes the industry-leading transposase used in the majority of ATAC-Seq studies and publications
  • A simple, easy, and flexible workflow that can be completed in less than a day
  • Robust bioinformatics pipeline with diverse options for genome alignment, peak calling, and other steps
  • Runs on the ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator

Resulting data can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • De novo deconvolution of cell types within complex tissues
  • Identification of master transcription factors and regulators that define cell states
  • Characterization of relationships between cis-regulatory elements and non-coding genetic variation

Join Our Early Access Program

Bio-Rad is looking for early access labs to run the SureCell® ATAC-Seq Library Prep Kit in their labs. If you're interested in working with this exciting new application, we’d love to connect with you.

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