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apr 19
mon 9:00 AM PDT
5:00 PM BST
apr 23
fri 9:00 AM PDT
5:00 PM BST
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Join us for an in‑depth western blotting learning experience. This 5 part webinar series is for anyone who would like to have a detailed understanding of the principles of each step of the western blotting workflow. Each class will include 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of live Q&A. Slides and downloadable resources are available for each class.

Courses are led by Bio‑Rad’s Field Application Specialists who have diligently compiled all the questions they have received in the field and have designed this program to be both comprehensive and efficient. All classes will be available on‑demand 24 hours after each live event.

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Course Details

apr 19
mon 9:00AM PDT/5:00PM BST

Introduction to Western Blotting and Sample Preparation

  • How western blots are used in biological research
  • Experimental design considerations before you begin your project
  • Reagents and methods used for good sample preparation
Paul Pease, PhD

Paul Pease is currently a Field Application Specialist for Bio‑Rad Laboratories in the Central Plains Region of the United States. He joined Bio‑Rad in 2015 and specializes in Western Blotting, Chromatography and Bio‑Plex Multiplex ELISA applications. He earned his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley where he used single‑molecule methods to study the biophysics of DNA motor proteins. His postdoctoral work at the University of California, Davis utilized single‑molecule fluorescence microscopy to investigate DNA repair mechanisms.

apr 20
tue 9:00AM PDT/5:00PM BST

Gel Electrophoresis and Transfer

  • Principles of gel electrophoresis
  • Selecting the best gel for your application
  • Select and optimize the best transfer technique for your application
Gary F. Ross, PhD

Gary Ross earned his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine in 1984. He worked as a postdoctoral and research associate in the Departments of Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. His research focused on the purification and characterization of pulmonary surfactant proteins. Since joining Bio‑Rad in 2006, he has served as Field Application Specialist supporting SELDI‑MS, ProteOn XPR, and proteomics application technologies.

apr 21
wed 9:00AM PDT/5:00PM BST

Immunodetection of Target Proteins

  • How antibodies are used to detect target proteins
  • Choosing the right blocking agent
  • How to select and optimize antibodies
Mauhamad Baarine, PhD

Mauhamad Baarine is a Field Application Scientist at Bio-Rad Laboratories. He specializes in Western blotting, Bio-Plex Immunoassays, and Chromatography. Mauhamad completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC where he studied the role of mitochondrial HDAC1 activity in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury. Mauhamad earned his PhD from the University of Burgundy in France where he developed a new cell line model to study the metabolic dysfunction in X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy disease.

apr 22
thu 9:00AM PDT/5:00PM BST

Image Acquisition

  • Chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection in western blots
  • How to optimize your experiment to get the best possible sensitivity
  • Overview of imaging technologies
Brad VanderWielen, PhD

Brad VanderWielen is currently a Field Application Specialist for Bio‑Rad Laboratories in the South‑Central region of the United States. He specializes in Chromatography, Western Blotting, and Bio‑Plex Multiplex ELISA instrumentation and associated experiments. He has been at Bio‑Rad for 5 years and has been in the field of Chromatography for the past 13 years. He came to Bio‑Rad from his postdoctoral work at UTSouthwestern Medical School where he was utilizing biophysics and X‑Ray crystallography to study tubulin regulation. Brad earned his PhD from the University of Cincinnati where he researched Notch transcriptional regulation utilizing biophysical applications and X‑Ray crystallography.

apr 23
fri 9:00AM PDT/5:00PM BST

Image Analysis

  • Removing background from your data
  • How to quantify your target protein
  • Normalizing your data to controls
  • Calculating relative expression levels of your target protein
Kenneth Oh, PhD

Kenneth Oh earned his PhD in bioorganic chemistry at UC Santa Barbara, where he synthesized fluorescence‑based peptide beacons that measured nucleic acid and protein binding events. Upon graduation, he co‑founded a biotech company that re‑engineered virus capsids that served as a drug delivery platform. At Bio‑Rad, he develops product applications, establishes collaborations with researchers, and investigates new protein quantitation research tools.

aug 19
thu 1:00PM SGT

Ask‑Me‑Anything Western Blot Live!

Ask our Field Applications Specialists anything about Western Blotting during this LIVE webinar. Participate in our quizzes during this session and stand a chance to win a Bio‑Rad Gel Excision Kit!

Watch our Field Applications Specialists answer audience questions about Western Blotting during this webinar.

What’s in the Bio-Rad Gel Excision Kit?

Bio-Rad Gel Excision Kit

Standard gel cutting practices can damage your transilluminator tray and cross‑contaminate your bands. Excise gel bands safely and reproducibly with the free Bio‑Rad Gel Excision Kit. Single‑use plastic cutters replace standard razor blades, enabling band excision from agarose or acrylamide gels without cross‑contamination between bands. Transfer excised gel bands to the included centrifuge tubes for further processing in your downstream protein or nucleic acid application. Participate in our quiz during the LIVE session to win a kit!*

*The Gel Excision Kits giveaway is only applicable for participants of the quizzes held during the LIVE session of Ask-Me-Anything Western Blot on 19 August 2021, 1:00 PM SGT. Not applicable for resellers and distributors. Selection will be based on the fastest correct answer to the question. Bio-Rad reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Dr. Sanket Joshi

Dr. Sanket Joshi

Team Leader – Field Application Specialists, Bio-Rad Laboratories Pacific

Dr. Rajesh Saha

Dr. Rajesh Saha

Senior Field Applications Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories India

Dr. Harish Srinivasan

Dr. Harish Srinivasan

Field Applications Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories India

Dr. Yifen Tan

Dr. Yifen Tan

Field Applications Supervisor, LSG Bio-Rad Laboratories SEA