Quality Control Masterclasses

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Quality control is an important test of laboratory precision and enhances patient outcomes.

With 65 years of experience in the field, Bio-Rad is leading a series of discussions aimed at offering labs confidence, consistency and simplicity in the complex field of QC. Each two-hour webinar features a celebrated industry speaker plus one of our talented Bio-Rad experts, offering a comprehensive look at both the strategic and tactical aspects of creating and managing a QC strategy.

Each session will include two presentations, followed by a 30-min interactive Q&A. They will be hosted on Zoom at 15:00-17:00 (CEST).

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September 27: Demystifying Biological Variations

Biological variation is an important factor that labs must take into account in their QC strategy. In this masterclass, experts will examine the history of biological variation data usage in the clinical laboratory and propose recommendations on how to use this data.


  • The Utility of Biological Variation and the EFLM Database Development with Dr Sverre Sandberg, MD, PhD, Specialist in Biological Chemistry.
  • The Use of Biological Variations for QC Data Management with Unity Real Time with Nico Vandepoele, BSc, Scientific and Professional Affairs Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories Quality Systems Division
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September 28: Optimising your QC Workflow

Standardised workflows ensure that laboratories run efficiently – improving efficiency, reducing costs and accelerating turnaround time. In this masterclass, experts will outline tactics lab managers can use to improve their QC workflow.


  • Methodologies and processes in a QC workflow analysis with Maria Rosa Bergami, Lab Optimisation Expert, Bio-Rad, Product manager EMEA Marketing
  • The Benefit of a Workflow Analysis for QC: A Customer Experience with Dr.SSA Silvia Gelsumini, Biologist, Specialised in Laboratory Medicine Clinical Molecular Biology and Clinical Biochemistry
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September 29: Refining Pre-Analytic Quality Control

Quality indicator specifications for requests, sampling, transport, and receiving samples impact the success of every clinical diagnostics lab. In this masterclass, experts will provide an overview of the preanalytical challenges and offer best practice guidance on how to implement a QC strategy for Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia Indices (HIL) interference detection.


  • Preanalytical Challenges in an Automated Laboratory with Dr Mads Nybo, MD, PhD, Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry
  • The Need for Quality Control for HIL Detection: A Customer Experience with Abobaker Mohamed Yagoot, MT (ASCP), MLT (CMLTO)
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September 30: Establishing a QC Strategy for Molecular Testing

Rapid innovation in molecular testing complicates how labs account for quality, efficiency, and regulatory requirements. In this masterclass, experts will provide guidance on which Quality Controls to use in molecular labs and how to manage Molecular Quality Control data.


  • Approaches to Enhance Quality Practices In Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories with Dr Duane Newton, PhD, D(ABMM), FIDSA, Partner at NaviDx Consulting
  • Unity Real Time for Molecular Diagnostics QC Data Management with Jean-Baptiste Raimbourg, Bio-Rad, EMEA Product Manager, Quality Systems
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