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Important Access Information for Schools with Valid Campus-Wide Licenses

Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll U is a unique spectroscopy resource that provides every student and faculty member in your institution access to the following—at any computer campus-wide. In order to access these tools, you school must have a valid and active KnowItAll U license. Number of spectra and software access depends on your school's license. Contact us if you are unsure if your what your license includes.


KnowItAll U Getting Started

Search Now

All faculty and students at schools with an "all-technique" license can access the KnowItAll U spectral collection via the KnowItAll AnyWare web portal.

  • With an "all-technique" license (product code 877010), you can search over 2.0 million spectra (IR, NMR, MS, Raman, UV-Vis) plus structures and properties using this simple web browser interface.
  • KnowItAll AnyWare works with virtually any platform, operating system (including Mac, Windows, Linux), or browser.

knowitall u getting started

Download Now

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If your school's license also includes the KnowItAll U Edition desktop software, you can download it.

  • Access the KnowItAll U spectral collection with more advanced search / analysis tools.
  • Includes additional tools (structure drawing, reporting, spectral processing/analysis, and more).
  • This Windows software will also work on a Macintosh computer using the Parallels desktop software.
  • If your school does not have an "all-technique" license, this is how you can access the KnowItAll U spectral library.
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