TANGO infinity

Automated Blood Group
Serology Instrumentation

Growing demands and challenges in the Blood Bank Industry

Rising costs, reduced staffing and tighter regulatory oversight are some issues blood banks are grappling with every day. Bio-Rad can help you overcome these challenges with TANGO infinity, an advanced microplate automation system.

Microplate Methodology
Ready-to-use, pre-coated microplates with 7 day on board stability.
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Don't Use Microplate?
IH-Complete allows for testing your way. Explore the other Bio-Rad blood bank technologies.

TANGO infinity comes to your aid

The TANGO infinity is an automated, bench-top immunohematology system. It requires minimal hands-on operation and provides the highest level of intelligent automation and security. TANGO infinity is easy to learn and use and provides a unique package of safety features that include a precise checking of each of the liquid volumes in assays, automatic on-board QC management and QC reminder with lot changes. All instrument modules and reagents are fully traceable.

Leanest blood bank instrument

  • Lowest number of operator steps
  • Minimal maintenance time and steps

Cost-effective reagent management
Minimal reagents to inventory
Minimal reagent waste

Easy-to-use software
Easy to learn for new users
Easy to remember for casual users
Intuitive with online help

Maximize your productivity

The TANGO infinity delivers lean automation, fewer pre/post analytical steps and minimal total testing time. Workflow can be standardized without sacrificing quality. Operations can run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week because multiple assay options can be left on the instrument for 7 days — meaning there is no set-up time. It's an immunohematology analyzer for laboratories requiring full automation, a high level of security, convenience, flexibility and quality.

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Choices in microplate methodology

Bio-Rad's proven blood group serology system is always ready for you. Based on solid phase adherence and hemagglutination microplate methodologies, the TANGO infinity is a platform that is fully traceable, completely automated, with seven days worth of reagent storage. It brings safety, productivity and simplicity to the Blood Bank.

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Operation Simplicity

The TANGO infinity has the lowest number of operator touchpoints and maintenance to enhance workflow and efficiency. Performing a Type and Screen is as simple as: 1) loading samples in the rack, 2) loading the rack on the instrument, and 3) pressing start. No reagent loading or unloading is required. Save time with the TANGO infinity and get on with your day.

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