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Choose the automation level that's right for your lab

Bio-Rad's IH-Complete is the industry's broadest portfolio of platforms for serological blood type testing. Automated or manual, gel, tube or microplate and additional supporting Quality Control platforms and connectivity solutions allow you to Create Your World that best fits your needs.


The powerhouse of the IH-Complete family. The IH-1000 is a high-throughput, lean automated system using Bio-Rad's IH-Gel Card technology.
Automation: The IH-1000 is one of the leanest blood bank instruments in the industry with minimal operator touchpoints and auto-verification.
Productivity: Improve workflow, minimize downtime, and optimize resources.
Skills: Built on Ease of Use. Just load racks on to the platform and the system runs.
Workflow: High Volume + Flexibile + Lean = customized workflow.

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TANGO infinity

Fully traceable, completely automated with seven day reagent storage, the TANGO infinity brings safety, productivity and simplicity to the Blood Bank using unique microplate methods.
Automation: Minimize instrument "babysitting" with Load and Go automation.
Productivity: Minimal touchpoints and maintenance ensure maximum productivity.
Skills: Reduced operator touchpoints and intuitive software make TANGO easier to learn.
Workflow: Agile + Lean + Intuitive = Automation that adjusts to your workflow.

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Traditional Reagents

For over 70 years, Bio-Rad has been pioneering innovation in transfusion diagnostics. Today Bio-Rad continues to provide a comprehensive range of innovative tube reagents and specialty products for routine testing as well as products to support complex serologic investigations.

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Distance and time can be the enemy. Information technology projects are front and center in your strategy to drive cost reduction, maximize resource utilization and improve patient safety and care. Bio-Rad can help you meet your strategic directives and connect your world.

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Quality Management

Quality Management in the Transfusion Lab is more than just a single result. Good Quality Control programs can help reduce risk, reduce costs and bring peace of mind that you are in control. Let Bio-Rad's 40 year history of Total Quality Solutions help guide your performance tracking.

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