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Bio-Rad Immunohematology Reagents

For over 70 years, Bio-Rad has been pioneering innovation in transfusion diagnostics. In 1948, Bio-Rad commercialized one of the first Anti-D reagents. With the introduction of the innovative Seraclone® line in 1983, we were one of the first global companies to apply monoclonal antisera to blood group serology testing.
Today Bio-Rad continues to provide a comprehensive range of innovative products for routine testing as well as products to support complex serologic investigations

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No longer does one supplier mean one solution. Explore the other IH-Complete blood bank technologies.

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We are committed to providing the high quality, versatile and extensive product lines required by all types of immunohematology facilities regardless of size. Our full line of reagents allows your lab to mix and match exactly to your needs while simplifying procedures and making work easier.

Enhance productivity with easy-to-use Rare Antisera
Extensive line of monoclonal and polyclonal antisera with minimal incubation times and IAT assays improves productivity and reduces testing turnaround time.

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Choose from our extensive line of Antisera, Potentiators, Reagent Red Blood Cells, Anti-Human Globulin, Quality Control and Specialty Products.

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