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Bio-Rad's External Quality Control Programs for Immunohematology Testing

Where do you start when embarking on the road to an effective Quality Management System? How do you document and monitor instrument performance trends? How do you comply with requirements for competency assessment? We've removed the risk of taking this on.

For over 40 years, Bio-Rad has been developing independent quality controls and programs to monitor the precision of laboratory test systems and methods. Bio-Rad now offers these same capabilities to blood bank laboratories.

Let Bio-Rad help you develop and implement a robust strategy to improve your blood bank's performance.

Which blood bank methods are compatible with Bio-Rad's QC Programs?
Bio-Rad QC solutions cover all blood bank processes regardless of methodology.

Tools to help your immunohematology lab manage an effective Quality Control System

What would it mean if you could automatically trend and monitor your blood bank instrument and manual testing quality control results?
What would it mean if you could automatically analyze performance between instruments or from peer to peer?
It is likely that your facility already has the software required to do this in other parts of the lab, but now you can use that same software for immunohematology analysis.

QC data management software

Join over 28,000 of your peers and benefit from data generated from users worldwide.
Unity Data Management Software provides the tools to collect, evaluate and review laboratory test performance.

  • Monitor monthly performance of reagents with peer group analysis
  • Receive notifications when results are out of range
  • Electronic storage and archiving of QC records to meet inspection requirements
  • Centralized data location for corrective actions and reports monitoring
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Peer Group based competency program

  • Verify training effectiveness and comply with regulatory requirements for assessing personnel competency
  • Validate and troubleshoot test system performance
  • Barcoded and ready-to-use tubes for automated platforms
  • Conveniently submit results and view reports through EQAS Online/EQAS Mobile
Download the EQAS Brochure ⤓

From Bio-Rad platforms to Unity Real Time.

  • Automatic transfer of Quality Control results from Bio-Rad platforms to Unity Real Time software
  • Streamlines Quality Control data analysis
  • Automated peer review of EQAS results through QCnet.com

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