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Manual Instruments

IH-Incubator & IH-Centrifuge

Tube and Gel - Two Technologies in One

The Bio-Rad IH-Centrifuge L and IH-Incubator L are FDA cleared manual platforms for Tube and Gel methodologies. Technology makes scaling easier. Manual does not have to mean labor intensive. Automatic and pre-programmed features enables lab technicians of all skill levels to perform reproducible standard processes. They are easy to implement for small and large labs and can quickly improve operational efficiencies. Centrifuge heads are compatible to fit both Incubator and Centrifuge.

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Gel and Tube Methodologies
IH-Complete allows for testing your way. Explore these Bio-Rad blood bank technologies.
Need more automation?
The IH-Complete automated gel system for high throughput.
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IH-Centrifuge L

The IH-Centrifuge L is the only immunohematology centrifuge available that combines gel card, traditional tube and sample centrifugation in one instrument using four, interchangeable heads. The system will automatically detect each individual head and select the appropriate program. It also features a unique head and centrifugation program for pre-analytical centrifugation of gel cards to remove splashes and bubbles in the gel created through shipping. Operating the IH-Centrifuge L is simple with the colored touch-screen and intuitive icons.

IH-Gel card Pre-analytical Centrifuge Head

  • Centrifuges two IH-Card racks (24 cards)
  • Eliminates need to load cards individually
  • Used prior to testing to remove bubbles or splashes during shipping
  • Automatic head type detection and centrifugation at preset pre-analytical conditions (5 min at 85g)

Traditional Tube Testing Centrifuge Head

  • 28 tube capacity for traditional blood group serology testing
  • Glass or plastic tubes
  • Automatic head type detection
  • Up to 10 editable centrifugation programs
  • Can be transferred directly from the IH-Incubator L

IH-Gel card Analytical Centrifuge Head

  • 24 IH-Card capacity
  • Automatic head type detection and centrifugation at preset analytical conditions (10 min at 85g)
  • Can be transferred directly from IH-Incubator L

Sample Tube Centrifuge Head

  • 12 sample tube capacity
  • Glass or plastic tubes
  • Automatic head type detection
  • Up to 10 editable centrifugation programs

IH-Incubator L

The flexibility of the IH-Incubator L allows incubation of both IH-System Gel Cards or traditional test tubes. Gel cards and test tubes can be loaded individually in the IH-Incubator L or certain centrifuge heads can be inserted directly in the incubation chamber allowing for independent incubation times and temperatures. Use standard, pre-loaded programs or batch specific times and temperatures with up to 3 options for IH-Gel Cards and up to 2 options for tubes. The IH-Incubator L also uses a colored touch-screen with intuitive icons for operation.

IH-Gel card Analytical Centrifuge Head

  • 24 IH-Card capacity
  • Used on the IH-Centrifuge L
  • Can be transferred directly from IH-Incubator L

IH-Gel card Incubation

  • Incubate 36 Cards simultaneously
  • Use plastic holders for shipping the IH-Gel cards

70 years of Bio-Rad innovation in transfusion diagnostics

Bio-Rad companies pioneered the Transfusion Medicine industry in both Tube reagents and Gel technology. With the IH Manual instruments you can transfer your current manual tube processes or convert to gel….or use both. Our IH-Complete portfolio Gives you Choice.

Maximize your counter space

Added flexibility doesn't have to translate to a large footprint. The ability to do both Tube and Gel in the same platform will help maximize your counter space.

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