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IH-Gel System

Gel Methodology & Reagents

Gel cards for the way you want to test

Bio-Rad's selection of card configurations eliminates the "one-size fits all" setup of other platforms. Bio-Rad not only offers more card configurations than any other U.S. supplier, we also offer the right configurations for the way you want to test.

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Gel Implementation
The IH-Complete automated gel system for high throughput.
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Don't Use Gel?

No longer does one supplier mean one solution. Explore the other IH-Complete blood bank technologies.

Improve performance while saving time

Boasting high reproducibility with stable reactions, the assays eliminate tech-to-tech variations. Take the guesswork out of interpretation with our easy-to-read cards.

The industry-pioneered cards have ample breathing room between wells to minimize pipetting errors, cross-contamination and double-dipping.

Bio-Rad Error Margin

Competitor Error Margin

The Difference is Clear

Bio-Rad Card
Competitor Card

The same trusted method used around the world is now combined with Clear Gel Technology. Historically used in a plethora of clinical and life science applications, our clear gel simplifies both visual and automated results interpretation and reduces process steps. Eliminate the need to read both sides of the card and the associated questions, disagreements and confusion.

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