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Bio-Rad has an ongoing commitment to helping customers transform their lives as well as their patients. With over 70 years experience in the blood bank industry, we've built a repository of resources and training materials. Here you will find a wide variety of educational content related to the Bio-Rad immunohematology products and related topics. Bio-Rad is partnering with Transfusion News and Wiley Publishing to keep you current on what is new in field of Transfusion Medicine.

AABB 2017 - San Diego, CA

We hope we were able to connect with you during your visit at AABB. For your convenience, our materials presented at the 2017 AABB have been made available to you online.


Evaluation of the IH-1000™ Immunohematology Gel System for Use in a Hospital Transfusion Service
D. Brown, M. Madole, E. Jack, M. Laufer, M. Zollman, C. Williams

Workflow Comparison of Two High Volume, High Throughput Analyzers
A. Samson, K. Monnin, B. Bachman, K. Warren, S. Olson, MBA, C. Williams

Automated Verification of Immunohematology Results and the Impact to Donor Testing
B. Bachman, C. Williams, C. Meyer, P. Lamonby, A. Cleverley, S. Milbradt-Pohan

Workflow Impact of Automated Result Verification for Patient and Donor Blood Typing
B. Bachman, C. Williams, C. Meyer, P. Lamonby, A. Cleverley, S. Milbradt-Pohan

Workflow Comparison of Two Gel Analyzers in a Large Transfusion Service
J.P. Pelletier, B. Bachman, M. Leamy, S. Olson, C. Williams

AABB 2017 Industry Workshop

A Quality Management Focus on Competency Assessment

The Johns Hopkins Transfusion Medicine presented an overview of how they measure, test and apply quality management techniques for competency of their personnel. We thank them for their presentation and valuable insight into this topic.

Manager, Division of Transfusion Medicine Department of Pathology
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Lorraine N. Blagg, MA, MLS(ASCP)SBB Education and Development Coordinator, Division of Transfusion Medicine Department of Pathology
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD


  • Review current AABB, CAP and FDA personnel requirements for Transfusion Service laboratories
  • Discuss commonly cited nonconformances and deficiencies for competency assessment
  • Identify and delegate personnel responsibilities based on regulatory requirements
  • Define test systems for a laboratory competency assessment program
  • Apply effective strategies to make competency assessment more manageable

Productivity Validated

Advanced Automation in Blood Group Serology: Validation Results of The Bio-Rad IH-1000
J. Quigley1, P. McGarry1, L. Carroll1, M. Culliton1, R. Segurado1,2, B. Niland3, J. Fitzgerald1


Automation of analytical processes in Immunohematology: Hospital Based-HTA approach
P. Lago1, C. Lombardi1, B. Milanesi2, P. Isernia3, L. Raffaele4, A. Berzuini4, P. Giussani5, C. E. Battista5, M. Angeleri5, R. Santini5


Biopath Experience with the IH-1000 System: Integration Solutions and Performance Characteristics in a Large Laboratory Testing Center
Cyril Faucher, Anne Beauchamp-Nicoud, Guillaume Jeanne, Michèle Berdah, Fabrice Hayoun, Julie Jonte


Evaluation of Bio-Rad IH-1000 Fully Automated System for Unexpected Red Cell Antibody Screening for Donors
K.S Ng, P.H Shu, S.S Chua, S Lam, D Teo


Using Lean Six Sigma to Compare Pretransfusion Analyzers
Bachman B et al


Accuracy Validated

Evaluation of IH-1000 on automated ABO-Rh typing and irregular antibody screening
Yeong Chun Park, Jinsook Lim, Yong Hyun Ko, Ji Myung Kim, Kye Chul Kwon, Sun Hoe Koo


Assessment of Bio-Rad IH-System for Blood Grouping
P. Szklarski, K. LeFary, M. Garis, Y. Hawker, Q. Eichbaum, P. Young, S. Milbradt, and C. Williams


Antibody Comparison between Two Solidphase Analyzers
Masemer S et al


Quality Control

IQC Trending with Unity™ Software and Evaluation of the Bio-Rad EQAS® Blood Typing System
Trevor Harden

Managing QC: Can U.S. Blood Banks Track QC Real-Time?
Barbara J. Bachman, Jessica Peters, Mary Ung, Mike Toyoshima

QC Workshop

AABB 2016 Industry Workshop - Immunohematology Quality Control and Competency Assessment: Digitized!
As information technology advances and automation is now routine, blood banks and transfusion services are seeking easier ways to document, manage and analyze immunohematology quality control and competency assessment results. Highlights from this workshop included tracking and trending QC performance, capturing automated and manual immunohematology QC results and retrieving electronic peer comparison between facilities and across multiple platforms.

AABB 2016 Industry Workshop - Track and Trend QC performance in Blood Banks
Barbara Bachman, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB, MBB(DA) blood bank specialist from Bio-Rad Laboratories, is the third speaker at the Bio-Rad sponsored AABB 2016 Industry Workshop held in Orlando, FL in October. The presentation reviews the current U.S. regulations related to QC testing and how the Unity Real Time QC Data Management System can electronically document and monitor QC trends for blood bank testing. Bachman addresses what she sees happening in the blood bank and transfusion services when it comes to tracking and trending Quality Control performance.

AABB 2016 Industry Workshop: - Implementation of Unity Real Time 2 on the IH-1000 in the Blood Transfusion Laboratory
Heather Rankin, MSc BSc (Hons), Transfusion Practitioner at the Royal Derby Hospital in the United Kingdom, was the featured speaker at the Bio-Rad sponsored AABB Industry Workshop. Rankin reviews the UK regulations for trending QC data. She explained how their facility used the Unity Real Time QC Data Management System (URT) to electronically capture, monitor, analyzed and document QC trending coming from the IH-1000 immunohematology test platform to satisfy the regulatory requirements.

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