Helping solve the challenges of immunohematology testing

Modern blood banks face extreme challenges. Rising costs, increasing workload, reduced staffing and tighter regulatory oversight are issues that blood banks grapple with every day. To help overcome these challenges, Bio-Rad has been pioneering innovation in transfusion diagnostics for over 70 years, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Bio-Rad's IH-Complete immunohematology product lines empower transfusion medicine facilities to utilize methods, platforms and information technology that is specific to their unique challenges.

Bio-Rad's Full-Range of
Immunohematology Test Options

Built around improving productivity at every step, IH-Complete enables complete Choice, Connectivity and Control of your organizational capacity. IH-Complete includes Quality Controls, Competency Kits and a Data Management that help you maintain an effective Quality Control System.

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From Your Perspective

The issues and demands of blood banking happen at all levels of your organization. Understanding your environment allows us to help you identify the approach that suits your needs. Use the toggle below to select, identify and understand the different perspectives within your institution.

Business Decisions

Staffing & Resources

Quality & Technology

When making critical decisions, you strive to find the right answers. Still the question — "have I thought of everything?" — keeps you up at night.

You're a long way from Intro to Med Tech. Are you ready for this challenge? Coworkers are now your support staff, but they are like family. Can you keep them happy and improve productivity?

In Blood Banking, there are no degrees of wrongness, no standard deviation from the right answer. There is only the right blood type. You've taken a career oath to the lives and families your efforts will save. Still, your work life is stressful. Can you balance it all?

Delivering Innovation and Confidence

Bio-Rad Laboratories has played a leading role in the advancement of scientific discovery for over 70 years. We provide a broad range of innovative products and services to the global clinical diagnostics and life science research markets.

In blood banking alone, we have over 2000 world-wide instrument installations. We also provide the expertise and resources which promotes and establishes confidence, allowing your staff to focus on patient care.

What is IH-Complete?

IH-Complete is the broadest selection of blood group serology methods backed by innovative platforms, advanced connectivity and quality control systems available from one supplier. Bio-Rad's blood group serology methods including gel, solidphase and traditional hemagglutination testing are based on proven technology to provide safe and accurate results. Bio-Rad's IH-Complete allows transfusion medicine facilities to select the method(s), platforms and connectivity that meet their facilities unique needs.

*Not yet available in the U.S.

Improved throughput with IH-1000

The IH-1000 system is able to work independently for a minimum of 6-9 hours, allows sample loading whenever you want, and provides more system redundancy than any other blood bank instrument to ensure maximum productivity.

The IH-1000 will allow you to meet challenging turnaround times and improve safety of testing by automating the entire workflow with minimal operator touchpoints.

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Lean workflow to reduced costs with TANGO infinity

Productivity on the TANGO infinity was validated by multi-center Lean Six sigma case studies in the hospital transfusion services. The platform demonstrated increased productivity, potential cost savings and fewer process steps or complexity.1
Source: 1 - Bachman B et al, Using Lean Six Sigma to Compare Pretransfusion Analyzers. Transfusion 55 (S3):243A

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A Portfolio That's Easy to Use

As a committed partner to you, Bio-Rad invests in developing products that make your work easier. Our blood banking offering allows you to focus on what matters most: patient care.

IH-1000 system offers full automation and walk-away reliability, allowing laboratories to more efficiently manage their blood testing workload.

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TANGO infinity system is fully traceable, completely automated and provides seven days of onboard storage. It brings safety, productivity and simplicity to your lab.

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Our world-renown QC allows you to join over 23,000 of your peers using Unity Data Management while benefitting from data generated from users worldwide.

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Your Choice of Methodology with Technical Accuracy

Choose your preferred approach in methodology. Our technologies ensures safe and accurate results, while providing maximum productivity and flexibility in your blood bank testing.

Solidscreen® II uses the direct or indirect antiglobulin test method known as solid phase adherence. Bio-Rad's unique solid phase method ensures minimal false positives due to use of intact RBC, providing the best possible results for better patient care.

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IH-Gel Cards offer more card configurations than any other manufacturer, allowing you to choose what's right for your testing. As the original inventor of the gel method, Bio-Rad continues to evolve transfusion medicine to support your efforts.

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