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The Powerhouse of the IH-Complete
Family of Immunohematology
Test Systems

IH-1000 Receives FDA Clearance

Bio-Rad Laboratories announced the FDA clearance of its IH-1000 blood typing instrument along with approvals for a wide range of associated gel cards and reagents for the U.S. blood typing market.

Gel Methodology
IH-Gel Cards allow for easy results interpretation by eye or by instrument interpretation. Simple, flexible with maximum productivity.
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Don't Use Gel?
IH-Complete allows for testing your way. Explore the other Bio-Rad blood bank technologies.

Experience with the IH-1000 System

BIOPATH France has two IH-1000 and runs over 6,000 samples/month.

  • Why did they decide on Bio-Rad IH-1000?
  • What was important to their decision making?
  • What challenges did the IH-1000 help them overcome?

Watch the video to find out!

Effortless and Efficient

The IH-1000 system is able to work independently for a minimum of 6–9 hours, allows sample loading whenever you want, and provides its own back-up system to ensure fast, automated sample processing at all times.

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Click the video to see the IH-1000 in action.

IH-System Gel Cards for IH-1000

Bio-Rad not only offers more card configurations than any other manufacturer, we also offer the right configurations for the way you want to test. Combining Bio-Rad's long history with gel technology, a new transparent gel, and powerful monoclonal antibodies, Bio-Rad's IH-System Gel Cards are the right products for today's laboratories.

  • Maximum productivity for ABO/Rh
  • Flexibility in antiglobulin testing
  • Flexibility in Rh & K phenotyping
  • Simplicity in cord blood testing
  • Exclusive Clear Gel technology
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Learn the Benefits of IH-1000

As the original inventor of the gel method for blood grouping, Bio-Rad continues to revolutionize transfusion medicine with the IH-1000 automated immunohematology test system. Imagine what it would mean if you could automate your routine work leaving experienced staff available to handle complex serology testing.

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