Droplet Digital PCR Scientific Conference 2022

Webinar Illustration
SEP 14
WED 9:30AM

Bio-Rad is excited to host our first face to face Droplet Digital PCR conference in Italy, since the pandemic. Join us in Rome to hear and learn from renowned speakers and meet with your Bio-Rad Italian representative.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include: ddPCR for diagnosis of infectious agents, MSRE-ddPCR analysis of DNA methylation hotspots and colorful insights in to the Droplet Digital PCR world. There will also be a special announcement about new and exciting ddPCR technology launching this Autumn.

There will also be time for questions answers and networking.

We look forward to seeing you all in Rome.

All talks will be delivered in Italian.


Università La Sapienza
Aula Patologia Generale - Sapienza Policlinico Umberto I
Viale Regina Margherita, 324,
00198 Roma RM

How to reach the event:

Metro Station Policlinico - 3 mins walk
Termini Train station - 20 mins walk
Tiburtina Train Station - 25 mins walk

Onsite registration will take place in the foyer of the meeting room Aula Grande


10:00Welcome and Intro – Bio-Rad Laboratories
10:30MSRE-ddPCR analysis of DNA methylation hotspots associated with cutaneous melanoma
Dr. Luca Falzone, Dept of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences, University of Catania
11:00ddPCR as a reliable tool for diagnosis of infectious agents: the SARS-CoV-2 experience
Dr.ssa Claudia Alteri, University of Milano – Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù
11:30ddPCR for treatment tailoring in Philadelphia chromosome positive leukemia patients resistant to tyrosine kinase inhibitors’
Dr.ssa Simona Soverini, Dept of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine – University of Bologna
12:00Molecular monitoring of anti-CD19 CAR-T cell in vivo expansion and related toxicities
Dr.ssa Manuela Ferracin, University of Bologna
12:30 Dr. Marco Giorgio Bianchi, Digital Biology EMEA Product Manager – Bio-Rad Laboratories
13:00Q&A – Closing and Greetings
Luca Falzone

Dr. Luca Falzone

Luca Falzone is Post-doc fellow at the Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences of the University of Catania(Catania, Italy). He is collaborating with the “G. Pascale” National Cancer Institute of Naples, in the management of a clinical trial on the effects of Mediterranean Diet and exercise in the reduction of breast cancer recurrence. He is also responsible for the management of a bio-bank of biological samples from cancer patients and normal individuals located at the Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences of the University of Catania, Italy.

Claudia Alteri

Dr.ssa Claudia Alteri

Claudia Alteri is Associate Professor in Clinical Microbiology, at Department of Oncology and Hemato-oncology, in University of Milan, and coordinates her research activities (on hosting agreement) at the Bambino Gesù Children Hospital. Since 2004, she is strongly committed in studies unravelling the role of microbial genetics and persistence on microbial pathogenicity, disease progression and treatment response. Her research outcomes are rapidly translated into clinical practice, thus guaranteeing a precision medicine approach. She is author of a large number of publications in peer-reviewed international journals, including Nature Communications, Journal of Hepatology, JAMA Open Network, CID. 

Simona Soverini

Dr.ssa Simona Soverini

Dr Soverini graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences in 1999 and subsequently earned a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Haematology from the University of Bologna. She currently works in the Molecular Biology Unit of the Institute of Hematology “Lorenzo e Ariosto Seragnoli”, where she coordinates the Myeloid Leukemia Research group. Since 2003, her main interests lie in the biology and therapy of chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblast leukaemia (ALL), with a particular focus on the mechanisms of resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Dr Soverini is the first or contributing author of over 150 publications in international peer reviewed journals (H-index, 46) and of over 500 meeting abstracts.

Manuela Ferracin

Dr.ssa Manuela Ferracin

Manuela Ferracin has a strong background in molecular oncology, with a specific expertise in the identification of diagnostic or prognostic gene signatures. During her research activity, she developed a significant experience in oncology as stated by more than 150 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Manuela was part of the team of researchers who first showed an association between microRNAs and cancer, specifically chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and actively participated to the discovery of microRNAs involved in human cancer, specifically of a miRNA-based prognostic signature in CLL (NEJM 2005), miRNA dysregulation in breast cancer (Cancer Res 2005), hepatocellular carcinoma and colorectal cancer.

Currently, Manuela is the unit coordinator in a FLAG-ERA project (EU grant) to develop graphene biosensors for microRNA quantification in body fluids (Durante et al. 2022) and PI of an AIRC IG 2021 to develop models of cancers of unknown primary.

Marco Giorgio Bianchi

Dr. Marco Giorgio Bianchi

Dr Marco Bianchi has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and working at Bio-Rad since 2005. With 10 years' experience as an application specialist for genomics, Dr Bianchi is now Product Manager for Digital Biology in the EMEA Marketing team.