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Mixed-Mode Chromatography Tips

Featuring an Expert Panel
July 29
Wed 9:00AM PDT/4:00PM BST

Mixed-Mode Chromatography Tips

  • CHT column packing tips at process scale
  • Overview of multimodal interactions with biomolecules
  • Purification strategies for mAbs and viruses
Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder, PhD,
R&D Applications Manager, Process Chromatography

Mark is Manager, Process Chromatography R&D Applications at Bio-Rad. He received a B.S. from MIT and his Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. He has developed many processes, including Bayers’s current-generation licensed recombinant Factor VIII purification process and has experience in process troubleshooting, optimization and validation.

William Rushton

William Rushton, MS,
Process Chromatography Support Scientist

William is a Process Chromatography Support Scientist at Bio-Rad with over 23 years of industry experience in downstream process development, he developed the downstream purification processes at Centocor for Simponi and Stelara. He earned his MS in biomedical sciences from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and his BS in biology from St. Joseph’s University.

aniel Yoshikawa

Daniel Yoshikawa, PhD,
Global Product Manager, Process Chromatography

Daniel is Global Product Manager with the Process Chromatography business group. He received his PhD degree in Pharmacology at the University of Rochester, New York. He is responsible for bringing Bio‑Rad’s mixed-mode process resins to market while taking great pride in connecting with life science researchers to stay abreast of industry needs.