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A better method for enrichment and enumeration of circulating tumor cells

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) offer several advantages in liquid biopsies. CTCs can be analyzed in their entirety, revealing key insights about targetable receptors and tumor heterogeneity and mutations. They can also be analyzed in combination with other biomarkers to give a more comprehensive view of systemic effects and temporal changes. CTC concentration is also a corollary of disease progression and related therapy response.

Celselect Slides Workflow

Advance your CTC enrichment and enumeration in a single platform with the exceptional performance and versatility of Celselect Slides. Because of their unique capture mechanism, Celselect Slides isolate CTCs that other methods miss. In addition, Celselect Slides offer unparalleled flexibility by enabling you to manipulate a variety of experimental parameters, including customizing protocols to detect and isolate types of CTCs from multiple sources and for multiple types of analysis.

The Benefits of Celselect Slide Technology

Capture mechanism
Isolates CTCs and CTC clusters based on size

Two applications
On-slide enrichment and enumeration

Sample processing
High capture efficiency without pre-processing

Optimize protocols and employ user-defined antibodies

Celselect Slide Technology Application Note

Download the Celselect Slide Technology Application Note for workflow details, technology performance data, system specifications, and highlighted publications summarizing this sensitive, open, and easily-implemented technology.

View select publications to see Celselect Slides in action for translational oncology, diagnostics, and more.

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