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Achieve Effective Quality Control

A successful quality control strategy includes ways to manage and interpret your quality control results.

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Put Your Data to Work for Effective Quality Control

Together with our Independent Quality Controls, Bio-Rad's Data Management Solutions are customizable and scalable to help you achieve solid, dependable laboratory outcomes.

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Data Management Solutions

Once laboratories have run their samples and quality controls, it's time to connect their data to diagnostics software and interpret the results. Our Quality Control experts can help you select the right software and solutions from our Comprehensive Data Management Portfolio.

Bio-Rad Connectivity

Bio-Rad Connectivity Systems create a link between your laboratory systems — LIS, middleware, and instruments — and the Bio-Rad Unity software.

Simplify your QC process.
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Bio-Rad Mission: Control is the first objective risk management software for laboratory quality control.

The Bio-Rad Mission: Control Calculator helps assess your lab's risk of reporting an incorrect patient result.
The tool helps to:

  • Determine your laboratory's Risk Management Index (RMI)
  • Evaluate your test method performance based on your QC results
  • Quantify the likelihood and severity of reporting incorrect patient results
  • Assess how much you can lower your risk based on instrument performance
  • Create a QC plan by confidently selecting rules and frequency that fit your risk tolerance

Bio-Rad Mission: Control is an innovative tool that enables my laboratory to select the best QC rules and frequency to minimize the risk of delivering inaccurate results and improve the safety of the patients.

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Well-managed data helps empower you to achieve effective quality control.

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Unity Interlaboratory Program

A Powerful Tool to Evaluate Your Quality Control Program

Bio-Rad's Interlaboratory Program helps you statistically evaluate the performance of your laboratory procedures. Is your laboratory producing QC results that are consistent with other laboratories using the same measurement procedure? Compare results of your QC materials to the same QC materials measured by like or similar procedures in other laboratories.

Receive reliable information from a trusted, unbiased source

The Bio-Rad Unity Interlaboratory Program is the world's largest interlaboratory peer group program in the clinical diagnostics industry. Statistical comparisons are sourced from over 29,000 labs, 50,000 instruments, and 92 countries.

Receive on-demand peer interlaboratory comparison reports

Access monthly reports of statistically relevant peer data with regular data submissions through Unity software.

Detect and identify bias in a measurement procedure — to improve the reliability of test results

  • Detect and identify important analytical errors
  • Recognize opportunities to improve analytical process
  • Identify trends or shifts that may occur between proficiency surveys
  • Increase confidence in proficiency survey outcomes

Supplement Proficiency Testing (PT) Programs

Complement your PT programs and verify performance on a daily basis in comparison to your peer groups

Meet accreditation and requirements for laboratory compliance

Use to implement or maintain Lean and/or Six Sigma practices

The laboratory shall participate in an interlaboratory comparison programme(s). . .

ISO 15189:2012(E),

Unity Real-Time

The Bio-Rad Unity Real Time software connects you with the Unity Interlaboratory Program, the world's largest community of quality control users.

Helps with documentation and compliance with accreditation requirements

  • Helps comply with requirements such as FDA CFR Part 11
  • Helps determine if trends or shifts are clinically relevant compared to biological variation, CLIA, RCPA, RiliBÄK or other user-selected quality specifications
  • Highlights potential issues in monthly performance summaries

Assists with evaluating and troubleshooting bias, imprecision and quality performance of your instruments against peer data

  • Saves time and labor required for reviewing data and resolving issues
  • Monitors tests with rule violations or missing data based upon your preferred settings

Improves laboratory test quality with select QC rules

  • With Westgard Advisor (subscription sold separately) receive automatic recommendations for applying the best QC rules

Quality Control Solutions

BRiCare Support and Monitoring

Bio-Rad's instrument monitoring application for remote service and support. BRiCare is available for all of Bio-Rad's diagnostic instruments for continuous monitoring and remote sessions with an instrument's computer.

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