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Multi-Use Instruments for IH-Gel Cards and Tubes

Manual Blood Testing Instruments

Bio-Rad's FDA-approved manual IH-Centrifuge L and IH-Incubator L systems enable laboratory technologists to perform reproducible, less labor-intensive blood testing.

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Manual Instrument Features

Multi-Use Instruments

Systems are conveniently designed so you can process IH-Gel Cards, traditional tubes or both on a single platform.

Workflow Efficiency

  • Color touchscreen with easy-to-use icons
  • Manual backup options
  • Pre-analytical centrifugation feature removes splashes and bubbles (IH-Centrifuge L only)

Small Footprints

Maximize counter space in small to large labs


Interchangeable centrifuge heads to transfer samples from the centrifuge directly to the incubator. Head types are automatically detected in each system.

IH-Centrifuge L

IH-Centrifuge L is the only manual system for IH-Gel Cards and traditional tube centrifugation all on one instrument.

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Flexible Centrifuge Heads

Featuring four head types for tubes or IH-Gel Card testing.

Gel Card Centrifuge Heads

Pre-Analytical Centrifuge Head (24 card capacity)
Removes bubbles and splashes prior to testing

  • Autodetection of head type centrifuge at pre-analytical settings (5 min at 85g)
  • Centrifuges two IH-Gel Card racks
  • Eliminates need to load cards individually

Analytical Centrifuge Head (24 card capacity)

  • Autodetection of head type centrifuge at pre-analytical settings (5 min at 85g)

Test Tubes Centrifuge Heads

  • Tests glass or plastic tubes
  • Autodetects the head type
  • 10 centrifugation programs

Traditional Tube Centrifuge Head (28 tube capacity)

Sample Tube Centrifuge Head (12 tube capacity)

IH-Incubator L

IH-Incubator L allows for incubation of IH-Gel cards or traditional test tubes.

  • Load gel cards or test tubes individually or insert certain centrifuge heads
  • Use standard pre-loaded programs or batch specific times and temperatures (up to 3 options for gel cards, 2 options for tubes)
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Gel Cards

Incubation with Analytical Centrifuge head

Transfer centrifuge head directly from the IH-Centrifuge L

Incubation with IH-Gel Card Racks

  • Incubator three IH-Gel Card racks (36 cards total)
  • Use gel card racks to conveniently transport IH-Gel cards to IH-Centrifuge

Gel Cards

Incubation with 24 card capacity Analytical Centrifuge Head

Transfer centrifuge head directly from the IH-Centrifuge L

Manual Processing Reagents

Choose from our comprehensive selection of IH-Gel cards and test tube reagents for your immunohematology testing.

IH-Gel Card Reagents

Select the right gel card configurations from our comprehensive menu.
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Traditional Immunohematology Reagents

Select from our comprehensive line of blood group serology reagents for ABO/Rh, antibody screening and identification, and antigen typing.
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