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When the Right Type Matters

IH-Complete. Create Your World.

IH-Complete is the most comprehensive immunohematology product line available from a single supplier. Our instruments, run with gel, microplate and traditional hemagglutination testing reagents, are supported by advanced connectivity software and world-class quality assurance solutions.

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Introducing IH-Complete

Built around improving productivity, IH-Complete lets you choose the right method, instrument, and informatics to fit your unique lab needs.

Decide what your lab looks like.


your preferred testing method and instrument for your level of automation.


your instruments, labs, and work environments to any LIS with IH-Com and IH-Web.


your processes and maintain effective quality control with BRiCare remote support and monitoring and Unity QC management software.

Choose from Three Methods

  1. Identify your testing preference – ID-Card, microplate, traditional test tube or a combination.
  2. Then choose the right instrument to fit your unique work environment and budget.

ID-Card Testing Systems

Automate your blood group testing with our IH-1000, IH-500 and Saxo ID-Reader testing systems that run with a comprehensive selection of ID-Cards.

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Microplate Testing Systems

Advance your high-throughput microplate testing with the TANGO infinity that runs with Solidscreen II and Erytype S microplates.

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Tube Testing Systems

Save space and optimize manual test tube and ID-Card testing with our manual centrifuge and incubator.

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Connect Your Work Environments

The IH-Com and IH-Web connectivity suite helps bridge your immunohematology instruments with any LIS. Consolidate and manage workflows and patient results with QC management, LIS connectivity, auto-verification, and reflex testing across multiple platforms.

Enhance efficiency and eliminate errors with this fully integrated antibody identification module.

IH-Com Software

Software that connects multiple systems and methods to your LIS to manage data, QC, samples and instruments.

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IH-AbID Software

Software that simplifies the labour intensive and complex process of antibody identification.

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IH-Web Software

Software module for remote result management.

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Control Your Processes

Ensure quality results with our QC data management solutions and BRiCare support for results physicians and patients can count on.

Unity Software

Unity data management software helps manage your data for the quality assurance you need.

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BRiCare Software

Bio-Rad's 24/7 remote service and support helps you identify, troubleshoot, and solve problems.

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Life may be uncertain, but you can't be.

IH-Complete allows you to decide what your lab needs are. With IH-Complete, we've got you covered.

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Addressing the Challenges

Is your blood bank or transfusion facility challenged with heavy workloads, decreases in specialized staff, and a need for ensuring safe and accurate results? IH-Complete products help labs:

Reduce operational costs

Optimize staff experience and skills

Use smaller sample quantities

Increase workflow efficiencies

Improve productivity

Address tight regulatory oversight

What if you could automate your routine blood banking steps so experienced staff could handle more complex serological tasks?

Contact your local Bio-Rad representative to learn how.

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Bio-Rad Knows the Immunohematology Business!

For over 70 years, Bio-Rad has been a pioneer in innovating transfusion diagnostics.

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Educational Partners

IH-Complete comes with Bio-Rad's blood bank and transfusion testing expertise. Connect with today's industry leaders - Transfusion News and the Blood Bank Guy - to stay current with what's happening in the field of transfusion medicine.

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Quality Control

Bio-Rad quality control solutions feature QC products, data management tools, and services covering hundreds of analytes and thousands of methods.

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BRiCare Support and Monitoring

Bio-Rad's instrument monitoring application for remote service and support. BRiCare is available for all of Bio-Rad's diagnostic instruments for continuous monitoring and remote sessions with an instrument's computer.

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