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Automation for IH-Gel Card Testing

IH-1000 System

IH-500 System

IH-Reader 24

Whatever your blood testing capacity, our fully-automated IH-1000 and IH-500 systems and semi-automated IH-Reader 24 can handle your entire range of Bio-Rad IH-Gel Cards for ABO blood grouping, Rh-subgroups, antibody screening, antibody identification, direct AHG testing (DAT), crossmatching, and more.


It's Effortless

Lean automation minimizes maintenance and operation time.

  • Auto-start lets you load samples and walk away
  • Run up to 21 different gel card types
  • Run system independently for a minimum of 6-9 hours

Watch the video to learn more about the IH-1000.

It's Efficient

Seamlessly integrate the IH-1000 into your daily workflow.

  • Random Access lets you load samples whenever you want
  • Backup System ensures automated processing at all times
  • QC Module lets you define your unique QC, reflex and autovalidation requirements
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It's Connected

Connect your IH-1000 system with IH-Com and IH-Web to any LIS.

IH-Com helps you manage and transfer patient, donor, QC and sample data through a single connection to the LIS.

IH-Web gives you remote access to IH-Com.

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Easy, Flexible, and Efficient

The IH-500, the latest addition to Bio-Rad's IH-Complete family of immunohematology testing systems, delivers an easy-to-use, fully automated system with random access and minimal user intervention.

Watch the video to learn more about how easy it is to use the IH-500.

Imagine working more efficiently with:

  • No daily or monthly maintenance
  • Continuous sample loading
  • 7-day cooled on-board stability for RBC reagents
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The FDA-cleared system features an innovative 6-axis robot arm for flexible processing of samples and reagents.

Loading Reagents

Loading IH-Gel Cards

Data management and Connectivity

  • IH-Com software for patient and QC data management
  • Remote connections to IH-Com through your web browser using IH-Web


  • 100% traceability with single IH-Card tracking
  • Intelligent liquid identification system

IH-Reader 24

Dual Centrifuge and Reader

The IH-Reader 24 is a combination centrifuge and reader for convenient and intelligent processing of your pipetted IH-Gel Cards.

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  • Centrifugation and IH-Gel Card reading occurs automatically.
  • Use in a stand-alone configuration or connected with any Bio-Rad IH-Gel Card pipetting instrument.


Integrated software enables the results/interpretations to be displayed, printed, and sent to the LIS (via IH-Com)

Traceability and Security

  • Unique barcode allows for 100% traceability of patient ID, test protocol performed, and reading and interpretation of IH-Gel Cards.
  • Prevents errors such as use of incorrect or expired IH-Gel Cards.

Gel Card Testing

Bio-Rad features more card configurations than any other manufacturer. Choose the right configurations for the way you prefer to test, whether it's for ABO/Rh testing, antigobulin testing, Rh & K phenotypes, or cord blood testing.

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Automate routine blood banking steps so your experienced staff can focus on more complex tasks.

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Bio-Rad Milestones

As the original inventor of the gel method for blood grouping, Bio-Rad continues to revolutionize transfusion medicine with the automated immunohematology test system.